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July 4th is the quintessential American holiday.
It is a time to recall achievements of the past and acknowledge the sacrifice shouldered by others to make possible the blessings we experience today. It is fitting, therefore, that the cover story of the just-released July issue of i4 Business magazine focuses on the process of “Growing an Entrepreneurial Economy.” I believe much of what defines and distinguishes that which is great about America can be traced to the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates our culture; past and present.

So thank you to i4 Business for sharing our community’s story about how to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit Alexis de Tocqueville so aptly characterized as the “essence of America.”

Thank you to Tom O’Neal, Randy Berridge and Cari Coats for embracing that story and acting when others paused.

Thank you to Chris Gibbons, Mark Lange, Penny Lewandowsky and the entire team at the Edward Lowe Foundation for providing the thoughtful leadership needed to help fulfill the potential of that story here in Orlando and in other regions across the country.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you to all entrepreneurs pursuing their individual dreams. The great American experiment is your story.

Echoing the words of Edward Lowe, a thoughtful man with a knack for distilling big issues into simple truths, I say, “Hail, entrepreneur!”

My best to all this holiday weekend,
Steve Quello

Click here to view the “Growing an Entrepreneurial Economy” i4 Business article.

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