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Barbara Stankowski, CEO

“The access to other successful business leaders and sharing their experiences has given me ideas and different approaches to consider in our planning processes. It gives me an ongoing opportunity to grow and to learn as a CEO.”

Waymon Armstrong, CEO

“The CEO Nexus Program has offered me and my company invaluable advice as we continue to grow. Being able to call upon other CEOs when we encounter new challenges has undoubtedly contributed to our success.”

Randy Berridge, President

“In a global economy, effective application of technology is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Similarly, CEO’s can improve the competitiveness of their business by participation in a CEO-to-CEO mentoring program.”

Dave Lowell, President

“I have found the CEO Nexus Roundtable to be an effective tool for growing my company. It is an open and honest forum where the members come from different, non-competing industries but all experience very similar problems. It is a great opportunity to receive consulting advice from your peers who don’t have a financial interest in providing it. I can definitely say that my company has improved as a result of my participation.”

Dan Rini, CEO

“The CEO Nexus Program provides something that is hard to come by when you are trying to grow your business ‐ good advice from those who have been there.”