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CEO Forum - 03.17.17 HCARS - Jeff ODell
Jeff O’Dell
Advisory Team, Inc. (ATI)
CEO Forum - 03.17.17 HCARS
CEO Forum - 03.17.17 HCARS
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As co-founder of August Technology, a global manufacturer in the semiconductor industry, Jeff O’Dell and his team built the company and led it through a strategic merger and successful exit. The lessons he shared at the March Economic Gardening Forum event, regarding this journey, were compelling and inspiring. In particular, he emphasized the need to cultivate a culture of calculated risk, a tolerance for failure necessary to fuel innovation, and a commitment to develop talent and optimize teamwork in the face of inevitable change. These lessons, refined over time as a leader and coach, continue to serve him well in his current role as president of ATI.

For details on these and other insights related to Jeff’s extraordinary journey, click the adjacent link to listen to an audio clip of Jeff sharing his story. View Media Archive (media archive available only to roundtable members)

Jeff O’Dell holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and robotics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

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