The CEO Nexus System – A platform designed to help you build the value of your business

It can be surprisingly lonely at the top™. As the leader of a growing second-stage company, there are some issues you simply can’t share with your staff. If you’ve ever felt this isolation, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Your Ownership Journey™

Every business owner has a personal Ownership Journey™. CEO Nexus will provide you the resources and context to help accomplish your goals. Central to our system is the roundtable experience, which will help you look at your business from a holistic and new perspective.

Power of Peer Learning™

Receiving relevant and timely feedback from other business owners can be extremely valuable. This is why many CEOs participate in executive roundtables. The CEO Nexus Roundtable is specifically designed for the decision-making challenges facing second-stage CEOs like you.

For a few hours each month, you’ll participate in a problem-solving roundtable with 10 to 15 highly qualified, non-competing CEOs, along with a professional facilitator who leads a structured program geared specifically to help you grow your company and maximize its value.

Every month you’ll have your issues addressed, your questions answered and leave energized and full of ideas.

Long-term ROI

Owning a business is a journey. Ideally, as you build your business, you’ll be able to prepare for succession and inevitable exit at a time and on the terms of your choosing. CEO Nexus helps you focus today on growing the value of your business with the end in mind, allowing you to achieve your long-term goals.

Is CEO Nexus Right For You?
CEO Nexus Roundtables address the specific needs of second-stage business owners who seek to grow and build wealth. This is not a social group, and not necessarily about networking (although you will make some great contacts). What you’ll discover is a majority of everyone’s business issues are similar because the roundtable is comprised of your peers from other second-stage companies with the same stage-related issues.

The CEO Nexus Promise
Our pledge to you as a CEO Nexus member:

  1. We promise to provide a confidential setting where you will receive relevant input and feedback from CEO peers who understand your role and the challenges you face.
  2. We promise to ask the tough but fair questions you need to hear to establish the context required to make better decisions faster and with greater conviction.
  3. We promise to provide a culture of accountability needed to stay on target and on task as you pursue your near-term and long-term goals.

Our Why

CEO Nexus was founded with a single focus – to serve CEOs leading growth-oriented, second-stage businesses as they navigate their Ownership Journey™ by bringing context and clarity to where their business is at today, where they’re going and why. We’re committed to helping business leaders make better decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Central to everything we do is the CEO roundtable program. These peer-to-peer roundtables are the foundation of a member network of qualified business leaders. This entrepreneurial environment is designed to deliver relevant best practices, custom content, and our propriety process – making it easier for members to solve the inevitable problems owners face while scaling their businesses.

We are confident you will gain a new and expanded perspective on your business and your role as the leader. Join us, and we will work together to achieve your goals!

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