The Paradox of leadership
As you grow your company and align your leadership team you will confront business issues for which you alone, as the owner, bear ultimate responsibility – the pressure of personal guarantees, payroll, compliance and eventual succession and exit planning. Issues only another business owner can truly appreciate. The complexity and range of owner-specific business issues evolves and multiplies over time. No wonder it can feel surprisingly lonely at the top. The good news is that there is a surprisingly simple solution to this dilemma.
The Peer Learning Model
Imagine having a chance to workshop real business problems with other leaders who have experienced the same circumstances. With an executive peer group, you can do just that.
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The CEO Nexus Roundtable Program
CEO Nexus peer groups are designed to address the decision-making challenges facing CEOs and business executives leading like-sized second-stage businesses. For a few hours each month, you can participate in a problem-solving roundtable group with 10 to 15 highly qualified, non-competing CEO peers. An experienced, professional facilitator will lead a structured PeerSpectives® program geared specifically to help you grow your company and maximize its value. If you are leading a growth-oriented, second-stage business, we have a solution for you.
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In addition to monthly roundtable meetings, CEO Nexus offers a suite of related and reinforcing services based on the principles of peer learning. Members can also attend our CEO forums, participate in webinars, join our CEO referral network, and access the Member Resource Center (MRC).
The MRC is a single source for members to stay informed, prep for meetings, learn about important events, connect with colleagues and much more. The MRC offers a wide range of specially-curated content, tools and reference material organized specifically for CEOs leading growth-oriented, second-stage businesses. To view the MRC brochure, click here.
Feedback from members
The program brings context to the inevitable challenges that business leaders face. Listen to what our members say about how engaging a CEO peer network has helped them solve problems, plan for the future, and make better decisions faster. To view testimonials, click here.