It can be surprisingly
lonely at the top


Every business owner has their own personal journey with their business. CEO Nexus will meet you where you are at on your journey and provide the context needed to help accomplish your goals. Central to our program is the Peerspectives® roundtable experience, which will help you look at your business from a broader perspective.
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THE Paradox of leadership

It can be surprisingly lonely at the top™. As the leader of a growing second-stage company, there are some issues you simply can’t share with your staff. If you’ve ever felt this isolation, rest assured, you’re not alone.
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Our “Why”

We believe second-stage business owners are the economic superheroes of the American free enterprise system. They create a disproportionate number of net new, sustainable jobs and generate the revenue and wealth that help our communities prosper. CEO Nexus was founded with a single focus – to serve CEOs leading growth-oriented, second-stage businesses as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of achieving their goals.


We serve CEOs and executive teams leading growth-oriented, second-stage businesses by providing a peer-based learning program designed to help companies continue to prosper and build intrinsic, long-term value. Our monthly roundtables provide leaders a confidential setting to discuss difficult business issues and practice just-in-time learning. We’re committed to helping business leaders make better decisions faster and with greater confidence.

How to Get Started

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Imagine the opportunity to vet new ideas and trouble shoot issues with other like-minded business leaders. CEO peer groups or mastermind groups can serve as a sounding board, providing you more resources to solve problems. The CEO Nexus Roundtable program is designed specifically for CEOs leading growth-oriented, second-stage businesses.


As an owner and a business leader, you must consistently evaluate each function of your business. Our roundtable discussions highlight the CEO Nexus Content Model, which emphasizes the four essential elements common to all businesses – leadership, operations, sales and finance. By focusing on these underlining functions, our program will help you fulfill Your Ownership Journey™.

Roundtable Framework

What would your business be like without you? When you look at the key functions of a business the way an investor or buyer looks from the outside in on your business, you get a clearer picture of the functions that need attention. The Roundtable Framework™ Assessment is a self-assessment that gives owners a visual guide on business functions, producing a picture of strengths and weaknesses.


Sign up now to receive our propriety Roundtable Framework™ - Scorecard, a self-assessment designed to help you understand the next steps needed to prepare your company for continued growth.


CEO Nexus actively provides relevant content, hosts webinars and facilitates other networking and learning opportunities. Keep reading to see our latest updates and events.

Member Update - July 2024

Our Member Update offers easy access to relevant events, news, trends, business best practices, etc. Each update includes four sections: Events of Note, News You Can Use, Recognition and Quick Links. This information is for you to...

08.29.24 CEO Nexus Workshop Series on Applied AI

Join us at ‘Applied AI’ on August 29th, an informative series of workshops designed exclusively for business leaders seeking to transform their businesses with the latest in AI technology. With hands-on walkthroughs and targeted use-cases, the goal of this…

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Testimonials – Member Feedback

“What began as a skeptical experience has turned into an environment that’s very trusting and endearing for me. They’re not going to judge me, but instead give me valuable feedback.”

Harold Boyett │ President / CEO, Blue Streak Couriers
Jacksonville, FL

“As an entrepreneur of a small business I didn’t have that sounding board to run ideas past, until now. I look so forward to our monthly meetings to share like problems, but more so, I always leave the meeting with a resolution.”

Claire Evans │ President / CIC, amaZulu, Inc.
Clermont, FL


As a business owner, it can be surprisingly lonely at the top, but you don’t have to go at it alone. CEO Nexus offers a new and expanded perspective on your role as an owner and leader.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to take the first step in joining the CEO Nexus Roundtable program, click the apply now button below.

If you want to learn more about the roundtable program or process, then click the learn more button below.

Community Resources & Sponsors

About CEO Nexus

CEO Nexus provides leaders of second-stage businesses with practical tools and techniques designed specifically to address their stage and help them along their Ownership Journey™. Based on the principles of peer learning, these resources are further focused to address the particular challenges entrepreneurs face as leaders and final decision-makers. CEO Nexus offers a more productive means of accessing second-stage peers, third- and fourth-stage mentors, and selected professionals with expertise in areas vital to the success of growing companies.

CEO Roundtables

Solve your toughest business problems in small, facilitated groups of your peers — other owners, CEOs and presidents.

CEO Forums

Cut through growth issues with one-on-one guidance from successful CEOs of established third-stage and fourth-stage companies.

CEO Webinars

Learn important business insights and receive valuable information on current, relevant topics in convenient webinars.

CEO Referral Network

Connect with like-minded, second-stage business leaders located across Florida and other regions of the U.S.

Member Conference

Connect in person with your CEO peers and learn best practices from a large variety of experts during our conference event.

Member Resource Center

Get easy, convenient access to CEO Nexus’ full library of content, resources and assessments on our private digital platform.