At our “From the Eyes of a Business Buyer” CEO Exchange in Minneapolis, guests heard from four different business buyers. The focus was on reinforcing the idea that owners need to be running their companies as financial assets and the buyers shared their perspectives on why they buy companies and how they perceive the value of prospective purchases.

Our four speakers each have varied business backgrounds that inform their expertise in acquiring companies. Kevin McArdle has completed 45 acquisitions and recently launched Big Band, a software holding company and private equity firm that holds companies for the long term so they can focus on what’s right for their employees and business. With a background in commercial banking, Paul Moffat has helped advise and fund over 100 companies as vice president at Encore One. Cindy Banchy is currently the president and regional master for Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, a commercial cleaning master franchise located in Minneapolis, and previously spent 16 years with IBM. And Charlie Christensen, president & CFO of the Christensen Group, also serves on the transaction advisory committee for Ventura Trust, an ESOP Trust Company, and the advisory board for The Micah Group, a banking software startup.

In addition to our speakers, we’d like to thank our sponsors, Arkona, Hill Capital Corporation and Northrock Partners for making this event possible.

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