Join us at ‘Applied AI’ this April, an informative series of workshops designed exclusively for business leaders seeking to transform their businesses with the latest in AI technology.

Dive into the 2024 updates of ChatGPT and CustomGPT, uncovering strategies to skyrocket revenue and reduce costs. With hands-on walkthroughs and provided resource, the goal of this morning is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to lead your company into a new era of AI.

NOTE — Please bring your laptop to participate in live exercises.

Event Dates:

Rollins College


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Paul Sohl

Kai Isaac, Filmscape Productions — Filmscape is a leading video production company that helps businesses create compelling videos that set them apart from the competition and drive engagement with their audience. Kai is a recognized expert in video production and marketing and has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. His data science background has allowed him to leverage LLM and AI tools to keep a competitive advantage in fast paced markets.

Travis Proctor

Eric B. Delisle, Bloomstack — CEO at Bloomstack and creator of, and a new AI Programmable Application Framework. Eric is a visionary who brought the first virtual reality systems to Disney World in 1993 and began working on expert systems and synthetic intelligence in 1999. He is currently working to deploy cutting-edge AI at Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services to empower companies to thrive in the coming AI disruption.