A successful brand is meaningful and impactful in the eyes of its customers and its employees. At the CEO Nexus Conference in March, Derek talked about the foundational story, which is the first component of building a brand. This talk continues the conversation with the second and third components of a brand – the verbal and the visual communications.

Join us for another installment in the 2022 CEO Nexus Webinar Series where Derek will look at the messages and images that identify, unify, inspire the meaningful change that makes marketing effective and examples of companies that are successfully communicating their story to grow the value of their business.

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What you can expect to learn from this briefing:

    1. Clarity on what a brand is and how a brand’s story supports organizational growth
    2. From the boardroom to the marketing department – the key steps of the branding process
    3. The critical components that make a brand an asset that provides competitive advantage

Derek Sussner (Sussner)

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 — 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT

Derek Sussner – Founder and Executive Creative Director of Sussner ( www.sussner.com ) Derek Sussner is the Founder and Executive Creative Director of Sussner, a branding firm focused on developing meaningful brands for growth-minded organizations. For a business to grow, its brand and marketing need to communicate, stand out, and be engaging. Derek’s expertise clarifies brand stories, creates messaging and brand assets that connect with customers, and includes certification in the StoryBrand framework. Sussner has been assisting organizations with creative solutions for over two decades. A sampling of clients Sussner has been privileged to partner with includes: McDavid USA, Life Time Fitness, The National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings, Game One Sports, and ThreeBridge Solutions.