The AMA format allows you to ask a subject matter expert anything about the
webinar’s topic. It is intended to be a Q&A session. We have listed sample topics
below for context.

Are non-competes enforceable?

•   What do business buyers care about when looking at employees?
•   What are hot topics or current trends in employment law/litigation?
•   When and how should a company conduct an internal investigation?
•   How often does my company need to review or revise its internal policies and
Employee Handbook?

Event Dates:
April 4th
May 2nd
June 6th
Aug. 29th
Sept. 26th

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Paul Sohl

Doug Starcher — Doug Starcher is the Managing Partner of the Orlando office of Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel.  He is also team leader for the firm’s Florida Corporate/M&A practice.  Doug has practiced corporate law in Orlando for over 30 years, primarily walking along side entrepreneurial clients through formation, capitalization, growth and exit.

Travis Proctor

Kristin Ahr — Kristin Ahr practices in the areas of labor and employment law and business litigation. Her representation of employers includes wage and hour matters, discrimination cases, restrictive covenant disputes, internal investigations, human resources, corporate transactions, and strategies for the prevention of employee lawsuits.