Arkona is putting on their 8th Intentional Growth™ Boot Camp for entrepreneurs and business owners and there is room for up to 25 people, so grab your spot. (so far 500+ owners and leaders have gone through the in-person and/or virtual experience)

The goal of the boot camp:

The Intentional Growth™ Boot Camp is based on 5 Principles that help business owners clarify a path to a more valuable business and turn their vision into reality. By teaching business owners & leadership how to view – and run – the company like a financial asset, Ryan helps owners clarify what they want from the business, how companies are valued, how to increase that value, and the variety of ways to transition their role or exit their ownership. After attending this boot camp, audiences will walk away with a new mindset and practical tools to help them enjoy work, create wealth, and make an impact.


May 11th and 12th — 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m. EDT

Rollins College (the Alfond inn at Rollins college) 300 E New England Ave, Winter Park, FL, 32789

See the boot camp flyer and agenda PDFs or go to this webpage for the full curriculum, tickets, and videos.
Facilitators (see more about them here):
• Ryan Tansom – Founder / CRO / Podcaster / Educator
• Matt Buskirk – CEO
• Joel Beyer – COO / Head of FP&A

50% off every ticket after the first one. Because of the CEO Nexus relationship with Arkona you can apply 10% off your cart with the coupon code CEOnexus10

For more information about this event, please click the registration link above.