The AMA format allows you to ask a subject matter expert anything about the webinar’s topic. It is intended to be a Q&A session. For context, we have listed four sample questions regarding Achieving a Successful Exit:

Four Sample Questions Regarding Achieving a Successful Exit:
1. What are some key reasons that may compel a business owner to sell their business?
2. What personal considerations should a business owner contemplate before selling
their business?
3. Besides sound historical financials, what else should a business owner focus on
when preparing for an exit?
4. What are the key drivers or characteristics buyers look for when acquiring a business?


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Paul Sohl
Joe Raymond — Founder & Managing Partner, RVR Consulting Group — In 1986, Joe founded and grew the Transworld Services Group staffing company to over $45 million in 10 years. By 1994, the company was among Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing, privately held companies. Joe founded RVR Consulting with the intent of helping small to middle market companies achieve the same level of success that he achieved via targeted management consulting, recruiting, and transactional advisory services.
Paul Sohl
Doug Worswick, former CEO, President, and majority owner of Worswick Group Holdings — Doug shifted from a 16-year career as a Thoroughbred horse trainer in New York to join his family’s Casselberry, Florida-based business in 1992. By the time Doug sold the business in December 2022, he had grown its revenue to over $42 million. Thanks to a strong leadership team, disciplined processes, and a solid exit transition plan, the company sold in 2022 well above the industry standard multiples. Today, Doug is passionate about sharing his entrepreneurial journey and guiding others to successfully sell their businesses and exit well!