Agenda — Networking, Expert Panel, Small-group Breakout, Panel Summation

There are so many terms, philosophies and methods regarding business valuations that many owners tend to ignore or delay addressing their company’s valuation until they want to sell, which is often too late. During this event, we’ll help business owners understand how companies are valued so they can begin to see – and run – their business like a financial asset.

An expert panel will address the fundamentals of building the intrinsic value of a business and the M&A transaction process. By understanding these concepts, you can shift your mindset to focusing on growing long-term value. A group breakout session will follow the presentation. This presentation will feature the Ownership Journey of Don Fournier (former CEO of Forensic Engineering Technologies) as he grew and ultimately sold his business.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 — 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EDT

Don Fournier, Forensic Engineering Technologies, former CEO
Bill Lowman, Shuffield Lowman, Managing Partner | M&A
Kathy Chiu, DeepWork Capital, Managing Partner | Investment Banker
Will Stewart, PCE Companies, Partner | ESOP Specialist

Don Fournier
Don Fournier’s work experience includes mechanical engineering positions in industry, academia, and consulting firms. In industry, he has been responsible for project engineering, design, product development, research, testing, safety, and has received patents for commercialized products. As a university professor, he has incorporated his industrial and consulting experience into classroom lectures on design, engineering analysis, and safety. As a mechanical engineering consultant, he applies the principles of design, analysis, testing, and safety to the forensic evaluation of industrial and consumer products, traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, and premises liability claims.

Bill Lowman
Bill Lowman is a founder and president of ShuffieldLowman, and a seasoned attorney in the areas of corporate, mergers & acquisitions, business taxation, securities, intellectual property, estate planning, planning for high- net-worth families, charitable trusts and foundations, families with closely held businesses, executive compensation planning and general tax law. Bill works with owners of businesses of many different sizes, from the small family business to many of the Top Golden 100 Companies in Central Florida, handling the legal intricacies of both their business and personal lives. Bill believes in building a real and trusting relationship with his clients, serving as more than just an attorney, but also an advisor, counselor, and confidante, offering his big-picture perspective and personal touch.

Kathy Chiu
Kathy Chiu is the founder and a managing partner of DeepWork Capital, a Florida-based firm that invests in early stage technology and life science companies. Previously, Kathy worked at iSherpa Capital and invested in wireless technology, was a quantitative analyst at economic consulting firm Cornerstone Research, and held various strategy and product management positions in technology companies. She also advised many client companies in strategic alliance and new market entry. She has an BS and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Will Stewart
A PCE partner and the head of the firm’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) practice, Will Stewart is considered an expert in the ESOP community. Will offers his clients a personalized approach in identifying, implementing and executing an ESOP suitably structured for the future well-being and sustainability of their business. Will was formerly a vice president with a major bank holding company in their private wealth management practice, with personal responsibility for more than $300 million of assets. Prior to that role, he served as a credit officer underwriting commercial and corporate loan packages with transactions ranging from $5 million to more than $100 million in value.

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