Rocket Fuel

Agenda — Networking, AI Presentation, Expert Panel

Are you ready to harness the power of AI in your business? Do you know the risks that will impact your business with AI? Join our AI discussion panel where we will discuss AI and how to think about implementing it in your business. We will talk about how we got here, the key risks you need to be aware of, and how to implement AI in your business. You will understand how they are approaching it, what risks they are managing with it, and what they expect from their AI implementation.

September 20th — 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. CDT

Urban Growler Brewing Company
2325 Endicott St, St Paul, MN 55114 (view map)

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John King
Loren Horsager
Loren Horsager is a tech entrepreneur and the dynamic force behind Model Mind AI, where he serves as the Founder and CEO. Drawing upon 30 years of extensive experience leading software development firms, Loren envisioned a world where AI could be harnessed to propel growth-oriented organizations forward. This led to the creation of Model Mind AI, a platform that allows businesses to use their own private AI and data to fuel their growth via a user-friendly and highly secure interface.
John King
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew is energized by the many facets to being a business owner. Andrew co-founded AMEK Custom Builders with his brother Matt in 1996 while roofing houses across Minnesota. AMEK Custom Builders now does extensive home remodeling projects, designs and builds new luxury homes, and works on exterior renovations. While Andrew oversees all elements of the business; he is especially tuned into the people and culture, marketing, fine-tuning business practices, building customer and vendor relationships.
John King
Ryan Tansom
Ryan Tansom played a pivotal role in reviving his family’s $21 Million business and facilitating its 8-figure sale to a competitor in 2014. He leveraged his experiences to found Arkona and creating the Intentional Growth™ Framework, to help entrepreneurs view – and run – their businesses as financial assets via educational training and fractional CFO services. He is on a mission to help entrepreneurs enjoy work, create wealth, and make an impact.
John King
April Davis
April’s career with LUMA –Luxury Matchmaking began when she realized she needed to take her skill of intuition and understanding people to the next level. She was always a hard worker, a small town girl with big city dreams, MBA graduate by 20 working her way up a Fortune 500 company and also pursuing modeling on the side. LUMA is a nationwide Matchmaking service serving clients nationwide and is now an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company.