Every team and CEO undergoes a constant process of growth and evolution, striving to achieve optimal performance. Yet, aligning the CEO’s vision with the team’s goals can be a formidable challenge. Join our transformative webinar as we explore the art of team alignment, understanding how each member contributes to the team’s dynamics, while fostering emotional well-being and mental engagement.

  1.   Learn strategies for optimizing team dynamics, performance, and a positive culture
  2.   Explore the crucial role of CEO self-awareness in leading with authenticity, empathy, and purpose
  3.   Unveil the secrets of scaling positive change into your organization’s culture, inspiring innovation and trust

Join us for an extraordinary webinar presented by renowned experts, Dr. Linda and Brian Schubring. With over a decade of experience and research working with 200+ teams across Fortune 100 companies, businesses of all sizes, and entrepreneurial ventures, their insights are invaluable. Dr. Linda and Brian have identified four pivotal factors shaping team dynamics: Collaboration, Communication, Conflict, and Change.

October 5th — 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT

Online only – Zoom


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John King
Dr. Linda and Brian Schubring are business partners and owners of Leadership Vision Consulting, a Minneapolis based consulting firm. Using CliftonStrengths® as a primary tool, their 23 year practice utilizes an approach framed in Positive Psychology and applied Neuroscience. Dr. Linda and Brian’s expertise is in leadership advisory services; the investment in your people, team culture and the advancement of your company’s vision.
By interviewing more than 50 CEOs, Dr. Linda and Brian have uncovered the keys to successful team engagement and purposeful alignment. Their research reveals how influential CEOs strike a perfect balance between self-awareness and team development through knowing, investing, connecting and keeping. Do not miss this opportunity to tap into their expertise and propel your team towards unparalleled success.