The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) recently recognized GrowFL as an integral part of The Entrepreneurial Revolution in Economic Development in the IEDC Journal.

Contributors to the Economic Gardening entrepreneurial revolution in Florida included Chris Gibbons, Mark Lange, Tom O’Neal, Ph.D., and Steve Quello. Together we forged the creation of the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida, the precursor to today’s GrowFL.

We’d like to specifically thank Economic Gardening pilot program participants Waymon Armstrong, Peter McAlindon, Ph.D., and Dan Rini, Ph.D. As early participants, they blazed a trail that would later benefit thousands of CEOs across the state. We also want to thank the many CEO Nexus members who have participated in the GrowFL program since its inception. In doing so, they have generated the wealth and related job opportunities that benefit the communities we serve.

Click here to read the full article by Economic Gardening founder Christian Gibbons.