CEO Forum Recap – 06.22.18

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CEO Forum – 06.22.18 HCARS
(left to right) Jeff Wright, Roy Larson, Ward Johnson
CEO Forum – 06.22.18 HCARS
Jeff Wright speaking
CEO Forum – 06.22.18 HCARS
Roy Larson speaking
CEO Forum – 06.22.18 HCARS
Ward Johnson speaking

The recent CEO Forum panel discussion “Preparing for a Successful Exit: Lessons Learned” reinforced the necessity of advanced planning. Panel presenters Jeff Wright, Roy Larson and Ward Johnson confirmed a reoccurring theme shared by many CEOs following an exit or succession event – “If I knew then what I know now, I would have started preparing earlier.” The panel suggested a 3 to 5-year process to allow enough time to maximize the value-drivers needed to endure the rigorous due diligence process. Assuming they are correct, then we all need to start with the end in mind – sooner than later. What is your plan? Time-frame? Have you effectively identified the value-drivers needed to maximize the value of your business in the eyes of a prospective buyer? If not, I challenge you to bring these issues to your next roundtable meeting and let your peers help you on that journey.

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