CEO Nexus Cup – NuView IRA

CEO of NuView IRA Glen Mather    CEO of NuView IRA Glen Mather

Congratulations to Roundtable member, Glen Mather, CEO of NuView IRA, for receiving the CEO Nexus Cup on 03.07.17! NuView IRA was founded in Lake Mary in 2003 by Glen Mather – with the hope that a significant group of IRA holders would want to purchase private investments and real estate with their retirement funds. This has proven to be the case, as NuView IRA has grown steadily throughout the last 13 years, with over 6,000 accounts representing assets exceeding one billion dollars – “That’s billion with a ‘B'”, as Glen would say – and clients from every state of the union. Our best to Glen and his team at NuView IRA, a valued contributor to the CEO Nexus roundtable program.

The CEO Nexus Cup is a traveling trophy and member-recognition award, recognizing those companies that have achieved growth and entrepreneurial success, in part due to their collaboration with CEO Nexus.

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