About Joe French, President of eXpress badging®

ID badges are used by millions of employees every day, but the everyday user isn’t aware of the complexities, strategy and security issues involved in creating something that seems so simple. This is why Joe French created eXpress badging® with the mission of “solving complex issues surrounding Photo ID Badge issuance.”

eXpress badging® started in 1993 when Joe and his co-founders identified an unmet need in the market. Many organizations had to replace their photo ID cards due to rebranding and changes in card technology, but hiring a contracted printing and issuance professional was not an option. When fulfilling the needs of one large customer, Joe Joe saw an opportunity to create a new service-based company that remains a leader in the industry today.

By 2000, the photo ID industry had transitioned to digital printing, and a decade later, the advent of the “cloud” brought further changes. After collaborating with some of the brightest minds in identification management and software development, eXpress badging introduced its Veonics® Portal, a proprietary, cloud-based badging photo ID management software. Today, eXpress badging® securely issues hundreds of thousands of badges annually for US-based organizations focusing on 500+ employees, students, or members in healthcare, business, government, and education markets.
What’s next for eXpress badging®?

As the security field is ever-changing, the journey for eXpress badging® never ends. Cybersecurity and data management have become a focus in the industry, and the continued development of the Veonics® Portal creates more efficient and secure processes for eXpress badging®’s growing customer base.

Internally, eXpress badging® focuses on maintaining a self-managed business. Since 2019, their management team has adopted and implemented the EOS®/Traction business model. They have fast-tracked their success through affiliation with CEO Nexus and GrowFL, promoting the entrepreneur’s journey supported by the Edward Lowe Foundation.

“In my roundtable experiences, I’ve been challenged by some bright minds that have helped reframe my thinking about how others view my company. Their advice has led me to implement changes that have helped us grow exponentially. ”

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