LMA – The Secret to Driving…

LMA – The Secret to Driving Accountability in Your Business

During a recent installment of the CEO Nexus summer webinar series, professional EOS®/Traction implementer John King presented a webinar / workshop titled “LMA: The secret to driving accountability in your business.” John addressed the “People” component of running a business. He focused on establishing meaningful roles, responsibilities and the key differences between leadership and management. John challenged attendees to review and apply related assessment tools to improve on each key area.

Take-away thoughts from John’s presentation you might find useful, especially in these difficult times: When was the last time you scheduled a meaningful clarity break to actually work “on” the business? Are you doing so with sufficient frequency to effectively clear your mind and guide your business in the right direction…away from trouble and toward opportunity? If so, great. If not, I encourage you to view John’s presentation.

Click here to view How to Be a Great Boss, a book highlighting LMA themes addressed by presenter John King.
Click here (members-only) to view the LMA presentation PPT, LMA tools, and webinar video.

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