Making Tough Decisions in Tough…

Ten guidelines for making tough decisions in tough times

The world has changed. We have pressure from all sides. What are some guidelines to help you make decisions in these tough times? I have compiled a few that have helped me and my clients over the years.

1) “When the terrain varies from the map, go with the terrain every time.” General David Grange. It’s time to create a new map!

2) Go back to who you are. Who are you? Do you have a set of guiding principles that serve you and your organization?

3) Always go back to WHY you exist. What’s your vision? Does it give you direction? Never make a decision that would violate your vision (unless your vision is outdated, and you need to adjust course and create a new one).

4) Know who you serve. Your customers/clients are watching how you are handling tough times, they want to see what you are made of. What decision would make them proud?

5) What is your brand promise? My branding hero, Stan Richards put it this way… “Your brand is your most valuable asset. Don’t be tempted to the need to violate it in tough times or to meet some short term business need. Wear it well and it will serve you well.” What is your brand promise?

6) Go back to your values. What is the right decision based on your values? Employees want to know you believe in your values and will stick by them in tough times. If you are not going to make decisions by them, then they are not truly your values.

7) Go back to your brand personality traits. Remember why your customers came to love you in the first place. Hopefully you’ve documented them. Never make decisions that violate these brand personality traits.

8) Know that consistency builds trust among your customers and employees. Trust builds loyalty. And loyalty will help build a strong brand.

9) Establish new rituals within your organization. The world is re-setting. And now it’s time for you to reset. Maybe you or your team were lazy or lackadaisical about your culture. Now is the best time to establish new behaviors for all your leaders. As an example of ritual, start every meeting with stating your vision… “Why are we here?”

10) And remember this definition of culture from Bruce Jones from the Disney Institute: “Your culture will be determined by the stories employees tell each other about their leaders.” Let’s make sure the stories are worthy of repeating.

 – Kennan Burch
   Founder, Brand Catalyst & Coach
   Brand Catalyst Partners


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04.07.20 Making Tough Decisions in Tough TimesKennan Burch
04.07.20 Making Tough Decisions in Tough Times
04.07.20 Making Tough Decisions in Tough Times

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