Orlando, Inc. RT Launch 06.01.17

The Orlando, Inc. roundtable program, provided in conjunction with CEO Nexus, utilizes the PeerSpectives® roundtable process developed by the Edward Lowe Foundation. This process brings groups of up to 15 qualified entrepreneurs together eight times a year for collaborative sessions that address important business issues. Owners, CEOs, and presidents share their management challenges and problem-solving ideas through structured roundtable discussions led by a trained facilitator. Roundtable members discuss ways to overcome obstacles to growth in areas such as finance, employee relations, legal compliance, marketing, and sales.
“The roundtable sessions always generated positive takeaways. It is a great process for CEO accountability.”
– Glenn Williams – CEO, Bell Performance and CW Products
“When I found the opportunity to learn from my peers in a structured setting, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I now have a renewed energy, confidence, clarity and vision for the future of my company. My only mistake was not doing it sooner.”
– Ken Croston – President, World Class Installations, Inc.; Board Member, Orlando, Inc.
Orlando, Inc. Roundtable Launch Session:
June 1, 2017
8am – 12pm
$1,000 for Orlando, Inc. members
$1,500 for non-members
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Email info@ceonexus.com to coordinate payment once registered.
101 South Garland Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
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