Recognition – Jason Eichenholz

Congratulations to Luminar Technologies for taking a big step toward accomplishing its vision to make the world a safer place
A win for Luminar Technologies is a win for entrepreneurs everywhere, especially in Orlando

Jason Eichenholz, co-founder and the chief technology officer for Luminar Technologies (NASDAQ: LAZR), is an entrepreneur who is driven to change the world.

Changing the world for Jason means helping to develop autonomous vehicles that can make driving safer for everyone – including seniors who strive for independence or people with disabilities.

As an innovator and business leader, Jason didn’t set out to chase dollars – he chases a vison.

Jason is on a path to make a big difference. Luminar Technologies is working with the top automotive companies in the world to bring stunning technology to everyday vehicles in the very near future.

Luminar Technologies is one of the great success stories of the Central Florida business community. It’s not every day a local company is sold for billions of dollars. Late last year, it went public via a SPAC after an estimated $3.4 billion merger with Gores Metropoulos Inc. and the value of the company has risen steadily since then. We congratulate Jason and everyone at Luminar Technologies for their great work accomplishing this feat.

Jason has been a friend of CEO Nexus and is extremely supportive of the entrepreneurial journey for our members. He recently was featured in a Fireside Chat sponsored by the Entrepreneurs Alliance of Orlando. Jason is a volunteer advisor and part of a team of entrepreneurs that mentors leaders and helps them build investment grade businesses.

We’re thankful for people like Jason that believe in the vision of second-stage companies scaling and achieving incredible success. Sometimes this success is measured in dollars and cents. Sometimes it’s measured by what the business can accomplish and how it can change the world. Luminar Technologies is a shining example of a company that has done both.

CEO Nexus is proud to work in concert with the Entrepreneurial Alliance of Orlando to promote regular Fireside Chats with noteworthy business leaders and assist entrepreneurs along their journey.

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