As with any journey of significance, it’s typically best to be clear about one’s destination. The adage “begin with the end in mind” is particularly appropriate in your role as the owner and leader of your business. For most business owners, their business is the single largest asset in their portfolio. That said, the long-term value of that asset is always at risk due to the relentless grind of competitive pressures to innovate, lower costs or both.

Eventually, businesses succumb to competitive forces or owners eventually “time-out” in their role by choice or by circumstance. Ultimately, every business owner will exit their business. Given the inevitability of this journey, an owner must balance the dual challenges of preparing for the transition from their role as owner and leader while continuing to manage and build long-term enterprise value. No wonder it can feel surprisingly lonely at the top.

To navigate these dual obligations, owners must be able to view the growth potential of their business from the “inside-out” and the perceived “outside-in” financial risk of that same business to an investor or future buyer. Balancing these needs is a big part of Your Ownership Journey™.

Roundtable Framework – Assessment

CEO Nexus provides our members with a detailed Roundtable Framework™ – Assessment, which gives them a view of their business from the “outside-in.” It measures the most important business elements future investors or buyers review when valuing a company. This type of assessment is critical whether you’re transitioning the business to a family member, management buyout or a strategic buyer. The assessment also provides a roadmap to making your business investment grade.

Roundtable Framework – Scorecard

Building long-term value takes discipline and operational excellence. For an honest view of your company, from the perspective of an investor or future buyer, you must assess the business as if you’re no longer involved. Specifically, assess how will your business perform absent your involvement as the leader.

The Scorecard is a self-assessment designed to reveal how your business will perform absent your current contribution as the leader. You should regularly assess your business from the perspective of an outside investor. The assessment helps identify issues you must address now to lower company specific risk and continue building the intrinsic value of your business.