We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation – in the news, from business associates, in roundtable discussions, etc. Chances are, your business has felt the affects of this movement. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, last November the “quit rate” increased to three percent and over 4.5 million people voluntarily left their jobs.

The Great Resignation has sparked a mindset shift for people all over the country. Rather than just changing jobs, many people are re-evaluating their priorities and purpose in their life and career. The Great Resignation is quickly transforming into the Great Re-Evaluation.

    In order to remain successful and to attract/retain top talent for your company, you must be willing to re-evaluate as well. SmartBrief shared three key areas employers should focus on:

    1. Reimaging the office
    2. Revisiting company values
    3. Getting onboarding right

    Talent development is something CEOs should pay very close attention to now more than ever. At the recent CEO Nexus conference, Nicole McMurray, Regional Vice President at AppleOne Employment Services, and Jessica Walberg, Partner at FordHarrison, gave a presentation on HR optimization and shared tools/tactics second-stage business owners could use to improve employee performance, engagement and retention.

    One of the recommendations Nicole made is to take preemptive action and coach your team to improve the stay interview process. Rather than rely on exit interviews from people walking out the door, she encouraged business owners to turn inward and listen intentionally to what their employees were saying and how they were feeling now.

    By actively listening to your workforce, you can see and correct potential issues in operations, culture or other areas that will drive talent away and decrease productivity.

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    Click here (members-only) to view a stay interview and a suite of other talent optimization tools from Nicole McMurray at AppleOne Employment Services.

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