As an owner, your focus may frequently fluctuate between managing day-to-day functions to building the long-term intrinsic value of the business. With the CEO Nexus System, we work to raise the awareness of the ownership track. After all, ownership and management aren’t the same. There are two distinct roles, as outlined in the diagram below.

Ownership Journey – Diagram

Understandably, most CEO owners focus on the functions found in the leadership track, which covers the day-to-day tactical issues and strategic challenges inherent to managing and growing a business. In the relentless effort to solve issues along the leadership track, CEOs can unintentionally defer the elements essential to creating long-term, intrinsic value in a business. To optimize their ownership journey, CEOs must continually strike the right balance between leadership and ownership issues.

Unfortunately, many CEOs wait too long to begin paying attention to this distinction, allowing the tyranny of the urgent to overshadow long-term value creation. Eventually, you’ll leave your business. The earlier you pay attention to the significance of the financial interdependence that exists between leadership and ownership issues, the more likely you’ll achieve the long-term results you want. A rule of thumb among M&A experts suggests a three-to-five-year window is needed to effectively prepare a company for the due diligence process at exit.

The CEO Nexus System supports each track of your Ownership Journey™ and the interdependence between the two tracks. Our trained facilitators lead roundtable discussions designed to address both the leadership track and the ownership track. We help you navigate your journey by bringing context and clarity to where your business is at today, where you’re going and why.

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