The CEO Nexus System – A platform designed to help you build your business with the end in mind

As a business owner, your focus inevitably shifts between managing day-to-day operational issues and growing the long-term value of the business. The key is to strike the right balance between your role as a leader and your role as an owner. Leadership and ownership aren’t the same. They represent two distinct roles, as outlined in the Ownership Journey™ Diagram below.

The Leadership and Ownership Tracks

The CEO Nexus System is designed to help you navigate Your Ownership Journey™.

You may not be thinking about it now, but all owners leave their business. You need to plan for that reality. There are a wide range of issues essential to maximizing the value of a business in the eyes of an outside investor or buyer. M&A experts frequently note that owners underestimate the time it takes to prepare a company for the due diligence process at exit. It can take up to three years to navigate this gauntlet.

To optimize their ownership journey, CEOs must continually strike the right balance between ownership and leadership issues (It’s the old adage “Work on your business, not just in it”).

Many CEOs wait too long to begin paying attention to the ownership track, allowing the tyranny of the urgent to overshadow long-term value creation. The earlier you pay attention to the significance of the financial interdependence that exists between leadership and ownership issues, the more likely you’ll achieve the long-term results you want.

CEO Nexus Roundtable Program

Our CEO roundtables support each track of your Ownership Journey™ and the interdependence between the two tracks. Our trained facilitators lead roundtable discussions designed to address both the leadership track and the ownership track. We help you navigate your journey by bringing context and clarity to where your business is at today, where you’re going and why.

Power of Peer Learning™

Receiving relevant and timely feedback from other business owners can be extremely valuable. The CEO Nexus Roundtable is specifically designed for the decision-making challenges facing second-stage CEOs like you.

For a few hours each month, you’ll participate in a problem-solving roundtable with 10 to 15 highly qualified, non-competing CEOs, along with a professional facilitator who leads a structured program geared specifically to help you grow your company and maximize its value.

Every month you’ll have your issues addressed, your questions answered and leave energized and full of ideas.

Our Why

We’re committed to helping business leaders make better decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Our CEO roundtable program is the foundation of a member network of qualified business leaders. This entrepreneurial environment is designed to deliver our propriety process, best practices and custom content – making it easier for members to solve the inevitable problems owners face while scaling their businesses.

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