In the spirit of sourcing and vetting new tools and resources that will assist our members on their Ownership Journey ™, CEO Nexus has added a new content partner. Employers Association Forum is a non-profit corporate member-based association dedicated to serving the business and HR community with proven HR tools, HR hotlines, legal compliance, news and trends, surveys, economic data and more.
EAF special offer – Free trial, 10% off first year EAF membership dues

Our content partners are subject matter experts who provide tools and best business practices relevant to leaders of growth-oriented, second-stage businesses. As a content partner, EAF is offering CEO Nexus members a free trial, including 30 days of unlimited use of the organization’s HR hotline consultation, EAF News of the Week and training discounts plus free webinars. After the trial, CEO Nexus members can receive 10% off total dues for the first year of membership, if they wish to join EAF.

What this means for our members

Members who have HR questions or need advice on complicated situations can call into the hotline and an EAF certified HR professional team member will provide immediate or same day consultation or research. If a legal or technical response is necessary, the consultation will be referred to an attorney, healthcare/benefits specialist, safety/security engineer or industrial hygienist, or a cyber security/IT specialist.

An example of the quality of resources available to EAF members is access to attorneys from Ford & Harrison, LLP, a nationally-recognized labor and employment law firm that serves business owners exclusively. For those who attended the recent CEO Nexus conference, you would have experienced first hand the quality and expertise demonstrated by a Ford & Harrison, LLP partner from a stage presentation and breakout session.

“EAF brings the HR information CEOs need to know directly to them by providing survey data, trends, training programs and access to hotline consultations. This allows CEOs to strategically place their business in the employment market, helping them succeed,” said Christine Crews, Vice President, Human Resource Services of EAF.

EAF’s services include:

  • Hotline consultation for HR, legal, safety and cyber security questions and situations (no fees or caps)
  • Access to CCH HR compliance library and interactive software tools
  • Access to HR publications and surveys
  • Training and development courses, webinars, kits, briefings, etc.
“CEOs leading growth-oriented, second-stage businesses find particular value in EAF’s services because many have yet to fully staff the HR function and often outsource or delegate as a shared responsibility to a leader in their company,” said Crews. “With EAF, you can talk through a particular employment situation, receive timely answers to your questions and access to trends, surveys, publications and other information to help you make educated decisions. EAF’s services augment in-house or external HR support.”

EAF serves over 2,000 business and HR professionals from member companies in 24 states. The membership covers almost 300,000 employees from virtually every business sector. EAF is affiliated through membership with the Employers Associations of America, which together serve 60,000 businesses and 7,000,000 employees.

If you’re a CEO Nexus member interested in enrolling in the free 30-day trial, reach out to Rita Manny, EAF president, at or 407-260-6556.

To learn more about EAF, visit
Click here (members-only) to view the EAF partner page on Member Resource Center (MRC).

EAF Testimonials

“Employers Association Forum (EAF) provides our organization with resources to assist our Human Resources Department with resources that can also be used by our Safety and Payroll Departments. Whether it is salary surveys, sample manuals or forms, the HR Hotline with attorney partners when needed, the Human Resources tools offered are valuable to our organization. We also find the referrals for consultants and trainers very beneficial to our organization. The EAF Team is always helpful and informative, they offer services that can strengthen any size HR Department.”

Karen Dual, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Human Resources Director

“In my 17 years as a successful leader with AppleOne, one of the keys to my success with clients are the partnerships we create within the community. We have the ability to work with and support a tremendous number of organizations, and it is truly a gift when we can align with ones that share our heart to serve.”

Nicole McMurray
Regional Leader
AppleOne Employment Services

About EAF
EAF is a non-profit corporate membership-based association dedicated to serving the business and HR communities with world-class HR tools, hotlines & legal compliance, news & trends, surveys & economic data, benefits & insurance, risk management, training & consulting, and leadership & organizational development. Click here to learn more about EAF membership benefits.
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