The CEO Nexus content model is a look at your business from the “inside out.” It emphasizes the same core business functions common to a host of operational systems designed to help owners scale their business (e.g., EOS/Traction). Leadership is at the center for a reason – the success of all core business functions relies on leadership, not just the owner but also the entire management team. Ultimately, the owner / founder and the management team forge and nurture the culture needed to scale a business, mastery of leadership, operations, sales and finance are essential to fueling the growth of a business more quickly and profitably.

Content Model – Diagram

But the core issues of the content model are only the beginning. Each roundtable session is designed to accommodate custom issues raised by its members. Additionally, we encourage members to apply the lens of a future investor or buyer and view their business from the “outside in” by using the CEO Nexus Roundtable Framework™.